Rapid Deploy or Custom Dedicated Servers

Choose a “Rapid Deploy” when you need a pre-configured bare metal server setup in minutes. Rapid deploy configurations offer a pre-packaged bundle available for instant setup with your operating system of choice. Custom dedicated servers are available for customers that need a solution to meet specific requirements. Custom dedicated servers can be customized to include additional memory, hard drives, and bandwidth. Contact us with any questions regarding our dedicated servers or available addons. All of our custom dedicated servers and rapid deploy dedicated servers include DDoS protection. A DDoS protected dedicated hosting option allows you server to stay online during DDoS attacks designed to induce downtime. Each and every dedicated server also includes our unlimited bandwidth option. This allows you to never worry about bandwidth overages during unexpected traffic spikes

Your server will continue to stay online and you will never be billed for overages. More information about how our unlimited bandwidth dedicated server option works is available by contacting a sales associate. All of our data centers are fully stocked with replacements parts for our dedicated servers. In case of a hardware failure, a data center technician will always be available for a quick replacement of a failed part for the dedicated server, making our dedicated hosting option the right choice for your business.

Each server that we offer includes an industry leading bandwidth allocation. You will never have to worry about a dedicated server hosting provider charging you big bandwidth bills for unexpected bursts in traffic. Our entire network for dedicated servers was built from the ground up to deliver 10 Gbps or more traffic per server, allowing for future expansion without complex migrations. A 10 Gbps port offers a larger data pipe for transferring more data in a shorter amount of time and is highly recommended for streaming dedicated servers and content delivery.

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